Friday, March 31, 2017

Demo Update

I hope that COLOR TV sign is saved!
Well, it looks like the old motels on the western approach to the city will finally have their date with the bulldozers. 
According to an article in the Morning Journal on March 20, “Lorain City Council voted 10-0 to award a contract to knock down Erieview Motel, 2800 W. Erie Ave., and Shoreway Motel, 3945 W. Erie Ave.”

Shoreway Motel up close
Erieview Motel
The Parkview Motel and Lake Motel will be dealt with in the near future by Council.
Some of the motels were supposed to have been demolished by October 2015.
On the other hand, one structure seems to have been awarded a stay of execution this week: the closed bait shop that once served as the clubhouse for the Lorain Yacht Club. The Morning Journal reported (here) on March 26 that the city is seeking proposals for a seasonal service or concession stand at the dock, known as Hot Waters. This includes the Hot Waters Bait Shop. The article noted, “Any proposal using the building must include a capital improvement plan with proof of finances, according to the city.
“Council agreed it should be razed, but wanted the city to seek possible concession providers this year because the site is well used by Lorain anglers.”
It will be interesting to see if a proposal is submitted. I hope so.


Dennis Thompson said...

The yacht club would be a good place for Brady's Bunch O' Burgers.


Lisa said...

I loved the "Color TV by RCA" sign. I hope it can go to someone who appreciates it.

Dan Brady said...

Brady’s Bunch O’ Burgers? That’s pretty catchy, Dennis!

Anonymous said...

I remember when it was called the Beachcomber Motel and all the motel room doors where painted different colors (the Holiday Inn in Elyria had the same design). I thought is was pretty cool when I was a kid. Sad to see it go, but it is a nuisance now. It is valuable property for the right investment.

Chuck S
Jackson, MI

Col. Matt Nahorn said...

I see the color tv sign all the time. We'd love it at the museum!

Anonymous said...

To Chuck S: I too remember when it was the Beachcomber. My cousin, a Lorain Police Officer had his honeymoon there in 1966. We lived in Amherst.

Dennis D
Lansing, MI