Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vernors 150th Annniversary

Sody pop (actually, we just called it ‘pop' in our house when I was a kid) has been a favorite topic on this blog. I’ve written about Wild West SarsaparillaCherikee Red, Wild West Firewater, Pepsi, Vernors, Canada Dry and others.

I tend to buy the diet pops now, and one of them is my old favorite, Vernors. I noticed on my package that the company is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year.

Vernors even created a special logo featuring Woody, the Vernors gnome, to commemorate the event.

Seeing as it’s going to be pretty hot for the next few days, I may have to make me one of them thar Boston Coolers with my Diet Vernors.

Click here to visit the Vernors website. It’s got some neat images and history of the 150-year-old drink.

And if you happen to live somewhere where Vernors isn’t available, you can always visit the Vernors Store website, which also carries a lot of other Detroit goodies.

Tell’em Woody sent ya.
Woody the Vernors gnome, from a 1960s ad in the Lorain Telephone directory


Rick Kurish said...

Do you remember Al Capp's classic comic strip Li'l Abner? In the strip a couple of the backwoods characters would brew a concoction called Kickapoo Joy Juice. At some point, a bottling company partnered with Al Capp to market a carbonated citrus drink they named Kickapoo Joy Juice. I drank it occasionally as a kid, probably in the 1960s. I was surprised to find out recently that the drink is still made, and several new flavors have been added in the last few years. It is apparently sold in some select stores, and can be purchased on line. I've been told that it can be purchased locally at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Sheffield. I don't remember being especially fond of the drink -- but we kids loved the name!

Kickapoo Joy Juice said...

Hey Rick! Guess what?! Kickapoo Joy Juice is still alive and well today. We're in multiple locations including Amazon, Cracker Barrel, Kum & Go, and more! Check out for more information.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Rick!
Ah, Li'l Abner was my favorite strip! (Even blogged about it a few times!) And you can find Kickapoo Joy Juice at Rural King, along with a lot of other old timey pops! Unfortunately the company recently redesigned the Kickapoo label and it no longer has Lonesome Polecat (the Indian) and Hairless Joe (the guy with the beard) on it!

Lisa said...

Hi Dan! I found vintage Vernor's on a shed:

Dan Brady said...

Hi Lisa,
I just checked out your link---what a great find! Hard to believe such a cool sign ended up on a shed!