Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bohemian Tavern Part 2

The Bohemian Tavern changed hands around 1948.

The 1948 Lorain Telephone Directory ad listings (below) indicated that Dominc Gigliotti and John Nowacki were the new proprietors of the business previously owned by Joseph and Bela Hering. The restaurant also received a new phone number of 9865.

In the 1952 city directory, Dominic Gigliotti and Jane Nowacki Tishel were the names associated with the restaurant, along with yet another new phone number of 56-065.

Finally, by the time of the November 1953 Lorain Telephone Company directory, Bohemian Tavern was owned by Dominic and Angeline Gigliotti. The Gigliottis also resided at Stop 110 1/2.

The Bohemian Tavern name continued to appear in the Lorain Telephone Company directory through the November 1955 listing. Then it disappeared from the directories, a casualty of the widening of Lake Road, which began in March 1956.

Ad from the Lorain Journal - March 17, 1956
Beginning in the 1956 phone book, Dominic and Angeline Gigliotti had a new restaurant: Roman Villa.

The former home of Roman Villa
It was located at Stop 111, which was just a little to the west of their old restaurant’s location.  Stop 111 also became the new residence of the Gigliottis.

Bohemian Tavern's phone number of 56-065 also moved over to the new location and became that of Roman Villa’s, bringing a little continuity to the Gigliottis’ culinary enterprises.

Ironically, while I was researching the Bohemian Tavern in late August, I noticed that the building that was home to Roman Villa was being demolished (below).

UPDATE (November 13, 2015)
Rick Kurish kindly sent me this ad (below) that appeared in the Amherst newspaper on March 17, 1949. It answers the question, "What happened to Joseph and Bela Hering after they sold the Bohemian Tavern?"
The answer: they opened up a new business, Hering's Tavern – still on Lake Road – but much further west, being located 7 miles west of Vermilion. 
As Rick noted in his email, "Some time ago I helped someone who was researching a restaurant on Lake Road in Huron. That restaurant was named Comers' Oasis, now the Angry Bull. In between it went through iterations as Hering's Tavern and Philbo House."
Thanks to Rick for tying up this loose end.

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