Monday, April 27, 2009

At the junction of 61 and 6 & 2...

Here's an ad from the 1969 Lorain Phone book for the Philbo House. It was at the intersection of Route 6 and Route 61 near Huron.
   As a kid, I remember my parents driving by this place for years on the way to somewhere else (probably Cedar Point). This ad, with its old-time type fonts and dot border pattern simulating lights, made me think there was some real whoopin'-it-up going on inside.
   Unfortunately, I never got to eat there when it was the Philbo House. But in February of this year I did get to eat at the current restaurant at that location: the Angry Bull Steak House. The food was terrific and the service was absolutely great. Of course I had to get a steak and I wasn't disappointed.
   To visit the restaurant's website, click here.
   I still don't know why the bull is so angry, though. It must be part of this trend towards cantankerous ad mascots out that way (such as the Angry Trout.)


-Alan D Hopewell said...

There used to be a bar on Broadway called The Angry Bull...wonder if there's any connection?

3DTV said...

I used to eat at the Philbo house. It had good Italian food. We lived in Norwalk.

michael hura said...

I was a dishwasher at the Philbo House ca. 1976-ish. It was my first job. The owner was this Old lady named Ginny Rathbun. The Bartender's name was Ray and the "Counts" were the house band.