Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoreway Shopping Center Part 2

The City of Sheffield Lake has begun dismantling the southern portion of Shoreway Shopping Center (see fenced-in area of photo). The interior portions are being gutted first.
   Check out the photo above, comparing the shopping center in the mid-1960s to a photo I shot a few days ago. It's kind of sad.
   It's hard to believe that shortly after the shopping center opened in October 1958, it had a great selection of stores, including Marshall Drug, Kroger, FW Woolworth, Hough Bakeries, Foodtown Super Market and Sherwin-Williams.
   By 1960, A&P had taken over the Foodtown space. I guess the newfangled pie-baking oven didn't pan out for Foodtown. (See previous post for explanation.) 

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