Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A "Nickle" for your thoughts about Nickles Bakery

One bit of classic Lorain that is still around is the old Nickles Bakery thrift store at 3215 W. 21st Street. It has been there since the mid-1970s and looks the same as it ever did. Every so often I wander in there on a Saturday morning and suddenly it's 1975 again.
   Usually the store has a pretty good selection of discounted as well as fresh baked goods, and you can buy an awful lot of stuff for a few bucks. You also get a little Savers Club card that is stamped to reflect each dollar spent - and when the card is full, you get a free day-old baked good item!
   In past winters, I would go in there and buy a shopping bag stuffed with "bird bread" - bread that they sold super-cheap strictly as food for our feathered friends. The bread packages were usually ripped or damaged in some way. Sometimes there would be some flattened donuts or crushed creme sticks stuffed way down in the bag with the bread. I would chop it all up and put it out for the birds with the bread.
   After watching the birds chow down on cruellers and creme sticks, I decided it's a good thing they don't have teeth.

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