Monday, November 9, 2015

Bohemian Tavern Part 1

While I was researching the Pueblo for all those years, I kept coming across the name of a business that was its neighbor to the west on the same side of Lake Road: Bohemian Tavern.

Bohemian Tavern is somewhat of a mystery to me. Its Lake Road location was commonly given as Stop 110 1/2. That would mean that it was west of the railroad undercut, somewhere between Franke Drive and the former Garwell’s.

The earliest listing for Bohemian Tavern that I could find was in the 1945 Lorain Telephone Company Directory. It was listed as Hering’s Bohemian Tavern.

Here’s the ad for Hering’s Bohemian Tavern that ran in the Buyer’s Guide of the 1947 Lorain City Directory (below).
Joseph Hering and his wife Bela are the names associated with the restaurant in that same directory’s listing (below). 
As you can see they also resided at Stop 110 1/2. Interestingly, the phone number for Hering’s Bohemian Tavern was 63-496, while the phone number of the Pueblo (just to the east on the other side of the undercut) was 63-596.

The 1948 Lorain County Directory had a unique numerical address for Bohemian Tavern: 4101. That puts the business on the south side of the street, roughly opposite (or at least near) the Blahay truck stop which was listed as 4040.

Unfortunately those address numbers are no longer valid in that area of West Erie.

Strangely enough, another Lake Road business also had a Stop 110 1/2 location: Green Lantern Camp, which I wrote about back here

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