Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fior's Lake Road Spaghetti House Revisited

December 22, 1946 newspaper ad from the Lorain Journal
Back here in 2013 I did a post on Fior's Spaghetti House, which was located on old "Routes 6 and 2" at Vermilion-On-The Lake, nine miles west of Lorain.

Shortly after that, I received a great email from Jim Bearden, who grew up on the east side of Lorain in the 1970s and 80s, but now lives in Vermilion. He passed along some wonderful vintage photos, including a few that reveal how the Fior's restaurant building was altered in the late 1950s.

The photo below circa 1950 shows one of the people behind the family operation. As labeled, it shows "Aunt Fior (on the left) and a waitress."

Another photo was dated July 6, 1950 (below) and shows the same two people and car in front of the Lake Road Spaghetti House.

As Jim noted, the note on the back of the photo stated, "This is the 'old' front of the building. It was moved when Lake Road was widened. Apparently they removed the front of the building and put it directly behind the store on Overlook Drive."

This unusual color photo (below) explains it all. The 'old front' of the building is shown in its new home around the corner on Overlook Road. (It's the building that appears bright blue.) The "new" version of the restaurant building – with the big FIOR'S on the front of it – faces the newly-widened Route 6 and 2.

The "old front" of Fior's Lake Road Spaghetti House – still sits on Overlook Drive today (below). Jim mentioned that for many years it housed a salon.

And, here's what the "new version" of Fior's Lake Road Spaghetti House looks like today (below). It's now the home of the Driftwood Inn. As you can see, another addition has been added on the west side since the vintage color photo was taken.
Special thanks to Jim Bearden for sharing his photos and information with me. And a special apology to him as well for my taking so long to post them!

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