Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fior's Spaghetti House Ad – June 21, 1955

The former Fior's Spaghetti House
(Now the Driftwood Inn)
I first mentioned Fior's Spaghetti House on Lake Road just west of Vermilion back in June (here) as part of my series on the various businesses on Routes 6 and 2 on that 1957 Vacation Map. Unfortunately, I didn't know very much about the restaurant. This ad, from the June 21, 1955 Lorain Journal, fills in a little more of the story.

The ad notes, "Fior's Lake Road Spaghetti House was started in 1948 by Mr. Jacob Fior and Mrs. Anna Fior, featuring home style cooking with spaghetti as a specialty."

I'll have something about the Vermilion On-The-Lake Clubhouse and Dance Hall tomorrow. (I gotta dig out my shot of that thing!)

It's funny that you don't see many restaurants any more that feature spaghetti, at least around here. I used to go the Spaghetti Warehouse when I lived in Columbus, and never realized that it was part of a chain. I thought it was the only one.

I know there's a restaurant in Port Clinton called Phil's Inn that's supposed to have excellent spaghetti. It's very well-known for its sauce.

I don't know about you, but reading all this about spaghetti reminds me that we haven't had it for dinner for months, and I'm going to have to do something about it (providing that have some garlic bread to go with it).


Anonymous said...

Try Savatore's in Vermilion, We love that place, good sause and great Baked Cod

Dan Brady said...

Oh man--you are so right! I LOVE the baked cod there--it tastes like lobster! But I've never tried the spaghetti there since I always order the cod! Great service there too, can't be beat!

ge13031 said...

The last time (and I emphasize last) we ate there, I ordered Eggplant Parmesan ...when it came out, it looked like it had been under the infra-red all afternoon. Too Bad

Jeremy said...

Try Martinos International Cafe in Vermilion. Nothing beats it in my opinion. The spaghetti there is great and so is the rigatoni they serve up on Tuesdays as their special.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for the tip, Jeremy!