Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Taco Bell on Oberlin Avenue is "Muzik" to Lorain's Ears

I read in the Morning Journal a few weeks ago (here) that Muzik's Auto Care would be moving their business from its longtime location at 3671 Oberlin Avenue to make way for a brand new Taco Bell. It's pretty big news.

Nov. 1962 phone book ad
It will certainly be strange to see a Taco Bell (or as we call it in our house – Taco Belch) next door to St. Peter's and across the street from First Federal Savings instead of the car care center.

I remember the Muzik building being a Gulf Station while I was growing up.

How long has a car-related business been at that location?  I hit the city directories at the library to find out.

As of the 1957 directory, there were still no listings for the east side of Oberlin Avenue in that neck of the woods except for a driving range (approximately where St. Peter's is located). But in the 1958 edition, Dan's Gulf Service debuted at 3671 Oberlin Avenue. ("Dan" was Dan Fragassi, future Mayor of Sheffield Lake.)

By the 1960 city directory, the service station had been renamed Bud's Gulf Service and was run by Mike Adkins. It would continue to appear in the directory until the 1964 edition, when the service station's listing was replaced by "No Return."

Beginning in the 1965 directory, however, Don's Gulf Service (run by Donald Stewart) took over the 3671 Oberlin Avenue address – and began its nearly 20-year run.

Don's Gulf would continue to be listed at that address until the 1984 directory, when the Muzik Brothers Marathon replaced it in the directory.

Anyway, I'm very glad that Muzik's Auto Care will stay in business at another location. And I'm excited that a Taco Belch, er, Taco Bell is coming to the west side of Lorain – my boyhood stomping ground.

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