Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New George Daniel Stadium Sign – July 15, 1958

This past Friday was the kickoff to the high school football season (Midview edged the Lorain Titans), so this photo is fairly topical.

It's from the sports page of the July 15, 1958 Lorain Journal. The caption reads, "NEW ADDITION – Jim Traub (left) and Gene Ferguson fasten the latest addition to the main entrance of Lorain High School's football stadium – now known as George Daniel Field as depicted by the overhead sign. Suspended from the sign are the 1958 varsity and junior varsity football schedules.The figure of a football player is painted in LHS colors as a special tribute from Lew Caywood to Daniel."

The football field (which was dedicated in May 1928) had been known as Recreation Field until it was renamed in honor of George Daniel in June 1958.

Today, the sign that hangs at the entrance is not quite as ornate, and the Lorain High School sports teams are no longer known as the Steelers, but the tradition of displaying the team's schedule below the entrance sign happily has continued into the 2000's (below).

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