Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shoreway Lanes Ad - March 1963

Here's a little reminder of the good old days in Sheffield Lake when Shoreway Lanes bowling alley was open. The ad ran on March 1, 1963 in the Lorain Journal – fifty years ago this month.

I've mentioned before how my parents tried to make bowlers out of my siblings and me by signing us up for a Saturday morning league at Shoreway in the late 1960s. We all pretty much stunk at bowling, but we did look forward to the great hotdog (in a toasted New England Style bun) and Coke afterwards. I still think about those hotdogs!

It was sad when the bowling alley (by then known as North Coast Shoreway Lanes) closed in Sheffield Lake. The city briefly considered trying to keep it open in 2010, but it backed out of the deal.

Anyway, I never did become a very good bowler. I bowled all through high school with my friends, took Bowling as one of my physical education requirements at Ohio State, and bowl with the spouse every five years or so. But I still stink at it.

Here's the former Shoreway Lanes today, as it sadly sits facing the closed Sheffield Lake Post Office and the empty Shoreway Beverage building.


Dorene from Ohio said...

That ad takes me back to the 50s and 60s when my dad and brothers used to bowl! Your website always causes me to have such good memories!

Dan Brady said...

Thanks, Dorene--I'm glad to hear you say that! And I like your "Ode to Daniel Larkins" on your Graveyard Rabbit blog!