Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye Arby's on Griswold

Arby's on Griswold is no more
Sept. 1971 Chronicle-Telegram ad
I didn't feel too nostalgic last month when I read that the Arby's on Griswold Road had ridden off into the sunset. It closed abruptly last December, and then was demolished on February 27.

There's not a trace of it left, not even a scattering of flattened Arbys Sauce packets.

I've got nothing against that particular Lorain County restaurant location or its employees, but I made my opinion known on this blog long ago about what Arby's was calling roast beef these days.

To me, the current Arby's advertising campaign to me is laughable. We're supposed to choose Arby's gelatinous, flavorless, faux-roast beef over Subway because the Arby's "meat" is sliced fresh? I'd eat anything from Subway over Arby's fare, even if it was sliced last May – no matter what Bo Dietl says.

And for those of you who need a reminder of what Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches used to look like, here's a mouth-watering reminder (below): a 1967 magazine advertisement.


alan hopewell said...

I haven't eaten at Arby's for years; their meat just ain't right.

Dan Brady said...

But it's sliced fresh, whatever it is!

Anonymous said...

White Castle went years and years ago but the building is still up at lease. The McD's was also something I thought would never be gone. A few weeks ago, when I saw no Arbys... and with Bookseller closed there years ago why exit 57 there when you're going to Midway.

Dan Brady said...

You're right, there's not much to recommend at that interchange--no BP gas either. Bookseller used to be a lot of fun, I miss that store.

Anonymous said...

Did Arbys ever close and then reopen? My husband and I are having a discussion about it!

Anonymous said...

I love Arby's!!! I never cared for the 'old stuff' Sorry folks, I buy em with the coupon and freeze em for later! Yum!