Thursday, March 14, 2013

1963 Colony Bar St. Patrick's Day Ad

Here's another St. Patrick's Day-themed ad for a well-known east side Lorain business of yesteryear: the Colony Bar. It ran on March 15, 1963 in the Lorain Journal.
It's kind of an interesting ad. I wonder what the "surprize" was for the men - aside from the spelling of that word? (I do give them credit for spelling 'corned beef' corrrectly, though. I still see ads for CORN BEEF around St. Patrick's Day each year!)

Anyway, the Colony Bar opened around summer of 1958. It was operated by Gust Atthanasoff, the former owner of the Showboat Restaurant and Lounge on Broadway until it was gutted by fire.

Fifty years later the building still houses a tavern. It was Denny's Place throughout the 1980s, and The Office for many years after that until it became Pali's Night Club Bar & Grill. And just recently it became Off Shore Pub & Grub (below).

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Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

I remember the Colony Bar that is for sure. I've been in it, but because I am not a drinker of alcoholic beverages, I didn't stay for very long. But, I also remember that during the time this establishment was known as the Colony, there was a bar that I believe was near the Broadway Building that was called "The Office." Do you have much history about that one?