Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From the E-Mailbag #5: Brady's Dairyland

Back in my post  From the E-Mailbag #3: Westgate Dairy Isle, a reader mentioned via a comment that they remembered another soft serve place (besides the Westgate Dairy Isle) on W. 21st Street. They remembered it being near where the Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips was located, and that "they had the best soft serve."

At first, I couldn't even imagine what it could have been, and assumed it was a business that moved in after one of the businesses along that strip had gone out of business. I looked around in some city directories in the 1980's to no avail.

Imagine my surprise when the ice cream place turned out to be one that was there before all those businesses (such as Casey's) moved in – none other than Brady's Dairyland and Donut Shop.

Like the 1966 ad shown states, this second Brady business was right "around the corner from Brady's Restaurant." It disappeared from the city directory in 1970 when Arthur Treacher's first appeared, with the same 2511 W. 21st Street address.

1965 City Directory Listing (partial) for W. 21st Street

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the research on Brady's Dairyland! I didn't remember the name but I'm sure that was the place.

I really enjoy reading your blog on Lorain. Thanks for bringing back some great childhood memories

Chuck Short