Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forgotten Fast Foods: Casey's Drive In

I don't remember ever eating at Casey's Drive In as a kid, although I was certainly aware of it, as it was located across from Westgate Shopping Center at 2519 21st Street. The restaurant first appeared in the phone book around 1968, with locations at 1390 N. Ridge Road (across from O'Neil's) and at 4835 Liberty Avenue in Vermilion. The 21st Street store in Lorain followed in 1969. There were Elyria locations as well.
   The ads for this chain are interesting, because the Elyria phone book ads featured a photo of a real live "Casey" dressed in an old-time baseball uniform leaning on a bat, and the Lorain phone book ads featured a cartoon ballplayer mascot holding up a hamburger. I liked the cartoon mascot a lot, but apparently not enough to eat there!
   I haven't been able to find out much about the restaurant chain. It probably was a regional endeavor... but I'll keep Googling until I find something.
   Although Casey's was not in the same league as McDonald's, the chain must have had a pretty successful formula. The 21st Street store lasted almost 20 years, finally closing around 1987. Pine Gardens restaurant replaced it at the location and is still in business today.


Animalover said...

Is this the same "Caseys" that had corny TV commercials in the mid 70s or was that another chain?

Anonymous said...

I lived down the street from the one in Elyria I loved there hamburgers it's now a gyro house.

Caleb Todd said...

I grew up on West River st in Elyria and remember when Caseys was up the street and was still living there when it became the Gyro House. Seeing this brought back a lot of good memories of how Elyria used to be compared to how it is now.

lee franklin said...

I lived on Huron St. in Elyria... I remember 4 or 5 chili dogs for a buck.

jrsvphr said...

The first Casey's was located across from the Sheffield Center on 254. I began working there in 1963. A Mr. Ken Everson from Vermillion was the owner and Sid Carillo was the manager. Hamburgers were $.15, cheeseburgers $.19, french fries $.12. Majority of the employees went to Clearview High School. Worked there from 1963 to 1965. Expanded the busniess by building additional Casey's in Elyria across from Elyria Foundry, 21st in Lorain, Vermillion, and one down from Westgate Shopping Center in Lakewood.