Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Memorial Shrine in Mohican State Forest, Then & Now

I mentioned we were down at Mohican State Forest over the weekend, and as usual I managed to work in a 'Then and Now" photo during my travels.

Above is a vintage postcard of the Memorial Forest Shrine, first dedicated on April 27, 1947. Both the forest and the stone chapel, sponsored by Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs, originally honored the men and women of Ohio who lost their lives during World War II. Later, the scope was expanded to include Ohioans who died in all wars since then, and inside the chapel is a list of all of their names.

Here's my 'now' shot.

It's a different sign, and may be in a slightly different location, but at least you can see how much the forest has changed in the last 64 years.
Incidentally, we went inside, where in addition to the roster of names, there was a display of memorabilia that included a few photos from the chapel's dedication. I was surprised to recognize none other than Admiral Ernest J. King in one of the photos! (I reproduced one of the photos below.)
He attended the the 1947 dedication ceremony along with Ohio Governor Thomas J. Herbert and other dignitaries. 
Admiral Ernest J. King is at far left; Governor Thomas J. Herbert is at the podium


Anonymous said...

My sons' Boy Scout Troop 133 from Elyria visited that shrine last summer as part of a camping and canoeing trip. An uncle of my wife's is listed in the shrine - he was a sailor on the U.S.S. Tide, an auxiliary minesweeper that sank off the coast of Normandy, France on June 7, 1944 due to a German mine.

John Kovacs

Dan Brady said...

Hi John!

It's really a beautiful shrine both inside and out--a wonderful & very moving tribute to the Ohio soldiers who lost their lives. I'll bet a lot of people drive by it without realizing what it is memorializing---I know I did.