Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Giants in Lorain

After crossing the Bascule Bridge heading west on Saturday morning, my bleary eyes came upon this odd site: a giant Santa Claus in Veterans Park who seems to be yelling across the street to an equally gigantic (and toothy) Nutcracker who seemed to be guarding the fortress known as Lorain City Hall.

Last year, the menacing nutcracker with fists clenched (I still think that nutcrackers are a dubious Christmas icon at best) was positioned at the bridge approach at the intersection of Broadway and West Erie just a hundred feet away. I like that this year the Light Up Lorain committee installed the non-threatening tin soldier (holding a candy cane) there instead.

According to the Morning Journal, this year's Light Up Lorain was a big success.

Santa must have vanquished his nutcracker foe. This morning I drove through the area again; Santa was still standing tall, and the nutcracker was a pile of deflated fabric.


Lisa said...

Too funny! I haven't seen this little turf war going on downtown yet, but will be on the lookout for it. I did notice the rearranged decorations and figured they moved the Nutcracker because he kept getting blown over on the corner. Santa caught my eye as soon as I got to the bridge [heading west] Saturday morning. City Hall looks great, but it seems like there are a lot less storefronts decorated this year.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Lisa,
Yeah the decorations seemed a little sparse to me too, I was going to check it out at night for the full effect! But as of Saturday morning it seemed like the Broadway Building wasn't decorated like it usually was.

Lisa said...

I think they only did the windows to the south of the main Bdwy Bldg entrance this year. The least they could have done was properly close the blinds on the undecorated windows. I took a ride down Broadway on Sunday night to see the lights. Maybe some places had their lights off, I don't know, but it was just sad.

Lisa said...

This morning, Santa was the only one up and at 'em. The way the wind had hold of him, it looked like he was giving City Hall quite the head-bobbin' finger-shakin' lecture! I wanted to stop and grab video but didn't have time.