Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This and That

This past Saturday was a good day to go out and snap a few pictures. I already posted my endangered Avon/Avon Lake farmhouses, so here are a few other images of what was going on in the area. (Click on each for a nice, large view.) 

Lorain's downtown has been all decked out with its Christmas lights for a few weeks. This toothy fellow is at the western end of the Bascule Bridge.

I've always thought those nutcrackers had a sinister look to them, making it hard to accept them as a Christmas icon.

Meanwhile, just over the border in Sheffield Lake, the historic Root home (believed to be the oldest home on the present Lake Road) is also all decked out for Christmas. (This was an easy shot as it is about 500 feet from my house.)

Incidentally, the Root house will be the subject of its own post here very soon.

And lastly, I had to stop over and see how the demolition of FirstEnergy's Edgewater plant was coming along. There doesn't seem to be a lot of progress in the last few weeks, perhaps due to the weather.

I'm still wondering how the heck the demolition crew is going to bring down the rest of it.

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Lisa said...

Hi Dan. They started getting into the one OE building [right side of your pic] this week. Won't be long and it'll just be the stack.
Nice holiday decoration pics! And I agree with you about the nutcracker guy. Too bad they couldn't have put Santa there instead. But he's busy holding down the Gergely building this year. If you haven't been down there at night yet, it is a sight to see.