Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get 'Reddy' for Christmas – Part 1

Regular readers of this blog know that Reddy Kilowatt is one of my favorite old-time advertising characters, probably because he was used in much of Ohio Edison's signage around Lorain County. Also, every time I look at old newspaper microfilm at the Lorain Public Library, I am amazed at the number of Ohio Edison ads that feature him – practically every day during the 1950's and 1960's.
I thought the Reddy artwork at left was not only great, but timely as well. It's from a small booklet that I purchased in a Mt. Vernon, Ohio antique shop a few years ago. The booklet was entitled "Entertain Better Electrically" and was published by the Monongahela Power Company in 1965. It features many holiday recipes, as well as tips for entertaining during the holidays.
Much of the book is devoted to both popular and strange recipes (such as Chicken Loaf with Olive Sauce). But there is a lot of useful information that is still applicable today.
Here's a scan (below) of some particularly relevant Christmas safety tips. Click on it so you can read it – and be safe during this holiday season!

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