Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Broadway Then & Now

On the same day that I shot the photo of Fligner's, I thought that as long as I was in the neighborhood, I might as well get another 'then and now' in the bag. ( I was already freezing anyway and my shoes were caked with snow.)

The view above is looking north at the corner of Broadway at Twentieth Street, and as usual, the 1960's 'then' photo is from the Images of America Lorain book.

In the vintage photo, you can see First Federal Savings of Lorain, the VL Cinema and an empty Elliot's Drugs. For years, I went into the First Federal branch every Saturday morning, part of my weekly march down Broadway that included Bob's Donuts nearby.

And here's the 'now' shot, from last Sunday.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

The "now" view is so dismal.

Dan Brady said...

Yeah, the bright sunny day of the 'now' photo belies the grimness of the scene. It's like Lorain has turned into some sort of Potterville (remember 'It's a Wonderful Life'?) There's something depressing going on when the only new businesses in town are payday loan companies, tattoo parlors, cellular phone outlets, dollar stores and internet cafes. I realize those are all legitimate, tax-paying businesses that employ people--and that's great--but they are a sad successor to Lorain's rich mix of family businesses that prepared delicious meals & specialty foods, repaired our shoes, and provided a custom shopping experience.

I don't think anyone is going to be waxing nostalgic in a Lorain blog someday about some great internet cafe that they remember losing money in.

Wireless.Phil said...

Google "internet cafe robbery" or 'Internet Gaming Robbery" people are being robbed and there have been shootings in them.
They just opened one on 4th street just down the plaza from Mor-for-Less. I didn't notice anyone in it when I walked by?

Anonymous said...

There used to be a bar Cappies near the bank

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear the Dreamland Theater being called the VL Cinema, which was a porn theater. The Dreamland was the original name of the theater there. It changed in the sixties.