Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Port Clinton Bridge

I'll wrap up my visit to Port Clinton with a look at some vintage postcards of the city's charming draw bridge over the Portage River. It's a bascule bridge, like Lorain's, but it seems like a baby next to it.

The back of the postcard above notes, "The Western Gateway to the famous Peninsula resort section. Fishing, boating and swimming are the main sports. Excellent cottages and cabins available to the tourist. A public picnic ground and tourist camp located on lake front."

According to the Historic website, the bridge was built in 1933 and rehabilitated a few times, as recently as 2007. 

And here's my shot from this past weekend. I was fairly creeped out standing so close to the edge of the water behind the Port Clinton Fisheries Inc.

Here's another vintage postcard, this time with a more distant view.

And finally, a modern postcard.


Don Hilton said...

That deck must go up and down with every sailboat of any size!

Buster said...

Thanks for the article and link. I often wondered about that bridge!

Anonymous said...

Those vintage postcards always seem to make everything look better and cooler than they actually are.Then when you see something in real life it's like that old Peggy Lee song "Is That All There Is".