Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hamm's Beer Retro Look

The famous Hamm's Bear, star of many TV commercials

Since the mention of Duquesne Beer in yesterday's post seemed to generate some interest, let's belly up to the bar again today for some more brew talk.

My current favorite beer – Hamm's – has a fun promotion going on this summer. The beer is being sold in special 1960s-inspired retro design cans, and longtime fans of the brew are pretty excited. The box containing 30 cans is quite beautiful.

As reported on the Beer & Beyond website, "For its new paperboard packaging on 12-, 24- and 30-packs, the brand is resurrecting aspects of its look from the 1950s and 1960s, when Minnesota-born Hamm’s was one of the nation’s largest beer brands. The new Throwback Pack features the iconic Hamm’s crown superimposed atop of a lakeside scene – a forest overlooking sky-blue waters. 

"Inside, royal-blue limited-edition cans also boast the Hamm’s crown and the brand’s twin slogans: “The beer…refreshing!” and “From the land of sky blue waters.” The retro-inspired packaging is aimed at making a splash at retail and connecting with drinkers in the 25-35 age group, says Marissa Meliker, associate marketing manager for Hamm’s.

“We know that nostalgia beers are having a moment right now, and this packaging is a throwback to the glory years of Hamm’s,” she says. 

"The goal, she says, is to breathe new life into one of America’s great beer brands by leaning into its 157-year heritage. “It makes you want to crack open a Hamm’s at the lake,” Meliker says.

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a sucker for retro packaging, whether its cereal, potato chips, fried chicken, or beer. When I saw the six-pack of Hamm's with the special design at Vermilion Farm Market, I couldn't jam it into my shopping basket fast enough. It just has the desired nostalgic effect on me, as I love that North Woods feeling.

Hamm's is really good beer too! However, I don't think it had a big following in Lorain County in its heyday. I couldn't find any ads that ran in the Journal over the years.

It's interesting that for many years, Hamm's employed animated TV commercials featuring its beloved bear, as well as other woodland creatures. Here's an ample sample.

I first wrote about Hamm's back here in 2020.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

Don Hilton said...

Have never had a Hamm's.

Now, I guess, I'll have to try it, when I have folks around to help me drink it.

A sixer would last me so long it'd go skunky.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Justin Timberlake drinks Hamm's beer?I hear he would drive a long way for a drink.

Buster said...

The new-old design is excellent. I haven't had a Hamm's for so long, I forget what it tastes like.