Friday, April 9, 2021

Another Serving of Donald Duck Orange Juice

Remember my post late last year about Donald Duck Orange Juice

I mentioned how I used to buy it and pack it in my lunch. I thought it was kind of cool that the product – which dated back to the earliest days of character licensing – was still around. But then the label was redesigned, and I grumbled how Disney now felt the need to slap its corporate name on the product.

Well, since that post, I’ve noticed even more changes, courtesy of the Disney bean counters and suits. 

The canned orange juice product seems to have disappeared; at least I can’t find it at my local grocery. Now it only comes in plastic bottles, which you can buy at Dollar Tree. The Donald Duck product line has also been expanded (although the grapefruit juice has apparently been squeezed out of the lineup).

While in Fligner’s recently, I noticed that Donald Duck Orange Juice now comes in big half-gallon cartons too.

The package is very colorful, with a bio of Donald on the side panel for those kiddies that are too young to have witnessed his animated antics and might be wondering who he is. But note how the orange juice has now been designated “OUTRAGEOUS.” 

Hmmm. Google the word ‘outrageous’ and the first definition that pops up is ‘shockingly bad’ – not the best description for something you’re about to drink.

Anyway, despite how I feel about the over-designed packaging, it is very good orange juice. 

A cashier at the Dollar Tree in Vermilion put it best: “It’s not too sweet and it’s not too tart. It’s just right.”


Hey, why not watch a really funny Donald Duck cartoon – How to Have An Accident At Work (1959) – while you sip your Donald Duck orange juice?


Buster said...

"The grapefruit juice has apparently been squeezed out of the lineup" - good one!

Jay said...

I used to live in Elyria and follow your it btw....but I live in Orlando now and the Donald Duck OJ factory is actually near my home. The water tower used to have Donald on it, however the plant was purchased by Florida’s Natural so their logo is on the tower now but the Donald OJ is still made there.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Jay! Thanks for leaving the comment about the OJ plant, that’s really interesting. It’s too bad Donald’s not on the water tower any more!

This video about the Florida’s Natural Lake Wales plant tour has some shots of some vintage DD labels and cans:

Jay said...

Yep that’s the plant. They have a tasting building where you can sample their juices.