Friday, May 15, 2020

Eagle Nest Revisited

Earlier in the week, I featured stories by a few of the great people who, year after year, share their research and findings with me so that it can appear on the blog. (In fact, both of them are hard at work on new topics that will show up here soon.)

So it’s only fitting to close out the week with a nod to another longtime blog contributor (and all around nice guy), Bob Kovach.  A few weeks ago, Bob contacted me about his front row seat when it comes to the eagle nest located near the Philip Q. Maiorana Wastewater Treatment Plant (that I wrote about here). 

You see, Bob works at the PQM Plant and is well aware of how popular the eagle nest is to photographers. "I regularly see people taking pictures out there, he noted.

"I probably watched you taking pictures and didn't even know it was you!”

Bob couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the nest’s occupants himself, and sent me these two terrific photos. Its hard to believe these are Lorain eagles!
Bob has contributed several great posts here over the years. 
On one of my personal favorite posts of all time, Bob took us on a tour (here) of the old U. S. Route 6 alignment that goes through the woods (near the PQM Plant) just south of the present 4-lane highway. He provided reminisces and photos of the Lorain Crystal Ice building here; shared some ultra-rare photos of the old Lorain City Airport buildings here; produced a photo of Aviator Bill Long’s Ercoupe here; provided some background information about an old Oberlin Avenue farmhouse here; and sent copies of rare memorabilia, including vintage coal bills and a Canada Dry Bottling Company of Lorain letter. And that’s not even everything; type Bob Kovach in the search box and youll see.

As recently as a few days ago, Bob suggested an update to this week's post on flying boats, which you can read here.
Thanks, Bob!

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