Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Eagle Nest Quest Rests

An eagle in his favorite lakefront tree near Oak Point Road
It’s funny how the sight of an eagle soaring overhead or perched in a tree in Lorain County and the surrounding areas has become almost commonplace.

Forty years ago, the opportunity of seeing an eagle around the county would have been rare or non-existent. But for years, they have been seen all over, from the mouth of the Black River in Lorain, to Avon Lake, around Mill Hollow and south all the way to North Ridgeville.

And that’s just in Lorain County. The comments left on this post that I did back in 2014 made me aware of just how many there are in Northern Ohio.

Ever since I moved to Vermilion two years ago, I’ve been lucky to see them regularly, flying along the shoreline down by Vemilion-on-the-Lake or by the old Ford Plant. I’ve even seen them flying over my condo, and the small former quarry that it overlooks.

But for me, the best place to see an eagle is a location just a tenth of a mile west of Oak Point Road. There is a particular lakefront tree – very old and dying, with very thick branches – that they seem to favor. I got used to seeing three of them sitting on branches there.

Seeing these eagles so regularly there for the last few years, has caused me to wonder: where's the nest? I’ve kept my eyes peeled, scanning the woods from Lorain to Vermilion along U. S. Route 6, but was unable to locate it.

That is, until a few weeks ago – when I finally spotted it in the woods on the south side of the highway, adjacent to the Philip Q. Maiorana Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The nest is conveniently located directly across Route 6 from their favorite tree. And I was looking everywhere else!

For some historic eagle fun, visit my post about the famous Great Nest of Brownhelm. I also wrote about Avon Lake’s historic eagles here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, There are at least 3 more nests within 3/4 mile of your home. If it was not for this pandemic, I could pick you up and drive from Vermilion to Marblehead and I could point out at least 30 nests. There are 6 nests visible from RT 2 around the Bayview Exit [ oh the 3 nests by you are.. east side of Sunnyside rd just south of Brownhelm Station rd.. 1/8 mile west of Sunnyside rd on Brownhelm Station rd and 1/4 mile west of Sunnyside rd again on Brownhelm Station rd. [ All 3 are within a 1/2 mile of each other. ] Keep looking, the leaves will be out soon. Bill N

Anonymous said...

There is a nesting pair at Carillon park in Dayton.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks, Bill! Wow they are even more plentiful than I thought!

A few years ago I noticed one on the east side of Sunnyside near Brownhelm Station Road. I was even questioned by law enforcement for pulling off to the side of the road to take a look! Maybe I will ‘break quarantine’ soon and check out the ones near me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if reporting where these nests are should be made public.Some slacker kid with nothing better to do might just try to destroy the nest and kill the eagles.....I like animals too,but please don't give todays kids any ammunition to harm them.

Dan Brady said...

Good point. At least the ones mentioned above are on private property and so far from the road (and high enough in the trees) as to be pretty much unapproachable.