Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Goodbye, Garwell's

Over the long weekend, I noticed that the old Garwell’s Bait & Tackle store was being torn down. A large dumpster had been parked on the property for a week or two, so I knew it was a matter of time.

Courtesy Lorain County Auditor
The business had been closed for almost twenty years. But seeing the store, which dated back to 1950, always brought back memories of the good old days in Lorain, when Garwell’s was the first stop on the weekend for many local fishermen.

A June 8, 1968 article in the Chronicle-Telegram noted, “After working with area fishermen for 18 years, George Garwell can supply the sportsman with about every conceivable item – including knowledgeable advice – necessary for the successful fishing trip.

In the article, Garwell observed, “Although we try to have everything for the fisherman, we still specialize in the supplying of all kinds and types of baits.

“If anyone has a question on fishing, I would be happy to help, although unlike my merchandise I can’t guarantee it,” said Garwell.

I remember my father stopping at Garwell’s many times when he was taking my brothers and me fishing (which I wrote about here). As I mentioned before, I can still hear that bubbling tank with the minnows in it. Thus it was kind of sad to see the building torn down.

The building in 2018
The view on Saturday
The view on Sunday
That western approach to Lorain sure has changed a lot in the last few years, with all of the various motels and former restaurants being demolished, and erased from our collective memories.

Anyway, I contacted my old Admiral King Class of 1977 classmate Mary Garwell-Ziegman to let her know how sorry I was to see her family's store come down. She thanked me and responded, "I’m proud that my parents ran a reputable business; it was great when Lorain was booming. Even today, I hear stories from strangers that have fond memories. 

"I liquidated on eBay when I closed the doors to the public in 2000.”

These days Mary stays busy by running her own (non-fish related) business, Mary’s Mobile Boutique.


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