Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More Harvest House Clowning Around

Last week I posted this January 1967 newspaper ad (above) for the Midway Mall Harvest House cafeteria. It just happened to be the only ad that I had on file.

Since I work in advertising (at the low end: direct mail), I found the ad somewhat interesting because it seemed like Woolworth’s was aiming strictly at the kiddie crowd with the clown and balloons. I wasn’t a real big fan of the clown art either. He looked a little creepy.

That’s why I was surprised to find this July 7, 1967 ad (below) on microfilm a day or so ago. Whoevever was in charge of Harvest House advertising must have felt the same way about that clown, because apparently he was fired (maybe out of a cannon).
Note how the layout is exactly the same, but better. This clown looks like he could have Ringling Brothers on his resumé.

The clip art of the parents is a little less cartoony too. (I wonder if Marlo Thomas was the inspiration for the drawing of the woman?)

Another ad (below) from January 19, 1968 featured the same clown. No balloons or Mom & Pop this time.

I’m beginning to think it was always Thanksgiving at your local Harvest House.

And lest you think that Harvest House’s advertising department was a bunch of clowns, here’s another ad, from April 7, 1967. This one tried a different approach – actually showing food and a chef.

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