Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Harvest House Cafeteria – Part 2

Harvest House Cafeterias were promoted through a series of standard postcards that depicted what typical outlets in the chain looked like. Some of these generic postcards had a listing of all of the regional locations on the back; others were branded with a single location. But the same photos were used in either case.

These postcards provide a nice glimpse of what customers could expect at a Harvest House Cafeteria.

Strangely enough, while these Harvest House blog posts were in the planning stages last week, I received a nice email from David Howat about Midway Mall. He wrote, “I’ve been on the quest for pictures of Woolworths and the Harvest House Cafeteria that was in the mall. Do you know where I can possibly find any?”
David had the same generic postcards as me, but would love to find photos of the Midway Mall Woolworths and its Harvest House Cafeteria.
He has fond memories of them. “I remember having breakfast at the in-store restaurant the last day it was open,” he explained. “Because I frequently ate there, they gave me a menu on the last day as a souvenir. It’s still in my collection.”
David would also like to contact any former employees, but it’s not an easy task. “I can’t even find one former employee,” he admitted.
If you can help David with his Woolworths quest, be sure to send me an email and I’ll make sure he gets the information.
By the way, David also sent me this great photo (below) that should look familiar to anyone who shopped at Midway Mall in the old days. He noted, “This was the neat setup just outside of Higbees that we all remember. Seeing this picture brought back some great memories for me.”
Me, too, David! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Great blog Dan. Like David I have eaten in the in store restaurant a number of times.
For a little more food I did eat at the cafeteria too. I worked at Higbee's and fully remember the fountain?? Quite remarkable at the time. What was the name of the in store restaurant? Did it have a name? In addition they had the food kiosk thing in the front left of the store that sold pop and pizza by the slice. It had a photo booth that I still have pics from. Right across the mall way was Sidewalk Cafe next to the theater with chairs that rock. Rae

Rick Kurish said...

Yesterday when reading about the Harvest House restaurant, I immediately thought of the second floor restaurant in Higbee's. It was named "The Attic", and had quite good food. My wife and I often stopped there for something to eat after shopping.

Mark said...

Like David (hey old buddy!), I've been in search of old pics of midway mall as well. It really was the place to be back in the 70's and 80's.

Gary Smith said...

Lots of great memories going to the Harvest House. Many times on Sundays after church. I remember one evening going to the movies at the mall to see the James Bond movie Moonraker and after going over to eat at the Harvest House. On a side note. They used to have a sink and a couple of coffee pots in the center of the restaurant. During the last few years it was open, we would spot someone coming in through the exit, grab a coffee cup off one one the tables, go rinse them at the sink and treat them self to a cup of coffee. I don't know how many were ever caught.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture! I wasn't sure if I remembered that right, I was so little when I saw that. I was asking my mom if she remembered these strings with fake water drops falling down them and she gave me a weird look and said no. That was so pretty. I miss the old 70's mall...

Wireless.Phil said...

Speaking of Midway Mall, Sears is about to go bankrupt!
Selling-off Craftsman Tools (made by Ridge Tool) to Stanley Black& Decker.

Google News Search Sears and Sears closings

Lynn Marie said...

I remember going to the Harvest House Cafeteria in the mall in Spfld Oh. as a kid with my grandparents after Church on Sundays. It was always such a treat, the let me get my own tray & choose what I wanted. My grandfather & I ALWAYS got the peanutbutter pie, while my grandma would get the cheesecake or usually the green jello salad, I think it may be called watergate salad?..Anyway, I have searched & searched my whole adult life for the Harvest House peanut butter pie recipe with no luck. I can't even find a menu with it listed. Does anyone else remember this dessert?

Anonymous said...

Harvest House Peanut butter pie from memory. Prebake pie shell and cool. Mix about 1/4 to 1/3 cup cream style peanut butter with 1 cup powder sugar. (Divide mix into thirds) This should be a powdery crumbled mix but not to where it makes big clumps. Lightly sprinkle 1/3 to cover bottom of prebaked pie shell. Mix instant vanilla pudding using pie filling instruction. Pour into pie crust and lightly sprinkle 1/3 peanut butter mix on top. Cover with plastic wrap and chill so that flavors combine. Top pie with non dairy topping such as cool whip or dream whip then sprinkle remaining peanut butter crumbs on top. Cut and serve. Use as much or as little of the peanut butter mix to your taste. Leftover crumbs put in freezer bag can be refrigerated for later use.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Harvest House in Akron and Youngstown areas for a number of years. The green jello salad was called "Seafoam".The part of the restaurant that was in the Woolworth store was just called "Woolworth's coffee shop". We made most of our salads and desserts in store, cooked and sliced Roast Beef, corned beef, and ham.