Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Willow Hardware Christmas Ad – December 5, 1960

I've featured a 1960 Christmas ad for this iconic and much-missed Lorain store before (here), but here's another one for Willow Hardware anyway. This one ran in the Lorain Journal on December 5, 1960.

Along with Bob's Donuts, Willow Hardware has got to be the business most missed by Lorainites. I still drive by its former location on Oberlin Avenue and shake my head (and my fist) – probably because CVS is probably my least favorite of all the drug store chains. 
Looking at the newspaper ad headline, though, it's a little amusing. It stresses toys and gifts, but the ad includes a lot of stuff that would not be looked at kindly under the Christmas tree (waste basket, clothes hamper, clothes basket, etc.)
At least Willow did sell chemistry and microscope sets for all the junior scientists on the west side of Lorain.

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Mike Kozlowski said...

...What I remember about Willow Hardware was the incredibly cool - and (at the time) hideously expensive toys. There were a couple of plastic models I remember for sale there - the James Bond Aston-Martin for one - that went for the unheard of price of $5.00. Last I heard, it was going on collector sites for $65. :D