Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Heilman's Flavor Crisp Chicken Ad – Nov. 7, 1963

Although it's almost Thanksgiving, and everyone's thinking about turkey, here's a chicken-themed ad.

The ad – for the late great Heilman's Ranch House on West Erie Ave. – ran in the Journal on November 7, 1963 – 50 years ago this month. (Lots of 1963 anniversaries on this blog lately!)

I wrote about the last days of Heilman's Ranch House back here.

"Flavor Crisp" currently is both a popular name for restaurants (such as this one), as well as a specific chicken coating product as well. The official Flavor-Crisp coating has only been around for 40 years according to its website, so I'm not sure if Heilman had its own in-house recipe back then or something else.

Anyway, enough with this chicken chit chat – it's time to think about turkey!

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