Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcome to Lorain Sign – 1950

Here's an interesting little article that ran on the front page of the November 5, 1950 Lorain Sunday News. It's about a welcome sign erected by the Lorain Chamber of Commerce that caused a little friction within Sheffield Lake.

Here's the article as it originally appeared (below).

Village Board Seeks Removal of Lorain Promotional Sign

Two letters from the Sheffield Lake board of affairs have been approved by the Lorain Chamber of Commerce demanding removal of a promotional sign erected by the Chamber recently in the village, about 1000 feet east of the city limits.

The Sheffield Lake board of affairs claims that the sign violates a lease arrangement with a nearby resident, D. A. Hamilton, who is a member of the board seeking the removal of the sign.

"I am familiar with the board's action," Village Mayor Sidney W. Jordan said, "and it was done without my approval."

Jordan said the Lorain Chamber had unanimous permission from the village council to erect the sign on a site owned by the village, which is the location of the community's pumping station.

The mayor promised at Tuesday's council meeting "to stop the embarrassment caused by the board of public affairs."

"Erection of the sign is the only favor asked of the village by our neighbor, Lorain, which furnishes water and other services to our community," Jordan stated.

"Seems the board is unfavorable to my administration," the mayor quipped.

I happen to live right in that area on Lake Road. I'm about 500 feet from the Lorain border putting the sign mentioned in the article about 500 feet (or five houses) down from me to the east.

Despite the then-Mayor's anemic quip protesting the board's action, I think I would have agreed with the board: it sure seems like a strange place to put a 'Welcome to Lorain' sign. It's a nice sign, though. If you squint at the picture, you can make out that it includes a mention of National Tube and American Ship Building.

Here's the site today (below). If you look at the vintage photo of the sign at the top of this post, you can just make out the chimney of the pumping station at the far left of the photo.

Anyway, today Lorain's less-grand sign is well inside its border.


Jerry said...

Of course the questions begs to be long did this sign stay up?

Dan Brady said...

I went back and looked in both the Journals and the Lorain Sunday News of that time period and couldn't find any follow-up articles. I'll have to keep looking, I guess.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

That was a really cool sign! Too bad we couldn't have kept it!

Dan Brady said...

It is pretty impressive, isn't it?

I'm not sure what the equivalent sign would say today. Instead of "Home of National Tube, Am Ship, etc." it would probably say "HOME OF YALA'S PIZZA" and "Birthplace of Father Guido Sarducci."

Wireless.Phil said...

I remember that sign, but not its location, is it gone now or what?
I haven't seen it in years, just something you see once and never pay attention to it again.

I grew-up is Sheffield Lake, but I just can't place its location.