Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lake Erie Oil Co.

From the pages of the November 22, 1956 Lorain Journal, here's a Thanksgiving-themed ad for the Lake Erie Oil Company, local manufacturers of Sinclair gasoline back then for the Lorain area market.

Besides the fact that the pilgrim bears a strong resemblance to musician Huey Lewis, the ad is interesting because you don't see this kind of ad today too often. The politically correct police now frown upon the Pilgrims. (Here's a Washington Times article explaining that particularly nauseating point of view.) Too bad.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!


Paula said...

Nice ad... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wireless.Phil said...

They tried to push that PC junk on us in the passed an it failed!

Their PC dream world of everything is wonderful, will one day smack them upside the head and they will find it difficult to get back up!

The sooner the better!