Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lorain Drive-in Site Today

As one of my regular readers pointed out in a posted comment, the Lorain Drive-in property has been the home of Hold It Self Storage since 1990. (Click on the photo at left for a larger view from US 6.) The old drive-in marquee is still there, retrofitted as the company sign, and that's just a hint that the owners of the company realize that the site of their company is something special. But more on that in a minute.

Former drive-in locations, usually surrounded by fences with only one way in and out, must make good storage facilities, because the site of another Lorain County drive-in, the Tower Drive-in over at 6187 Lake Avenue, was also converted into one. Today the Tower Drive-in is now R & M Tower Mini Storage.

But let's get back to Hold It Self Storage. The company website is unique in that it has a nice section entitled Drive in Nostalgia which reveals that the drive-in's concession stand, projection booth, and entrance/exit booth are still part of the property.

Here's a photo of the entrance/exit booth as it looks now. (Give it a click!)

I'm going to have to contact the owners about that sign; if they ever decide to repaint it, they need to get the date right on it! Readers of this blog (you lucky devils) know that it should read 1946 instead of 1956!

Anyway, it's nice that Hold It has decided to maintain a bit of Lorain history and help keep the memories of the Lorain Drive-in 'alive'.

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