Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter's Coming and that means it's Faroh's Candies time!

Here's a vintage 1970's Faroh's Candies newspaper ad (click on it for a closer look) that should put you in the Easter mood! If you grew up in Lorain, then you know that it just wasn't Easter without Faroh's candy in your Easter basket.

I stopped in at the downtown Lorain mini-store to get some dark chocolate mallo eggs a few days ago. (Of course my wife and I already taste-tested them to make sure they're okay – and they were great.)

The store wasn't egg-zactly busy when I stopped in, so I hope that things pick up for them as the holiday is only a few days away. The store's future depends upon community support.

I remember when there seemed to be a Faroh's outlet everywhere. Besides the main store on Henderson Drive (see photo at left, courtesy of the Black River Historical Society website), at various times there were stores in the Avon Lake Landings, the Amherst Plaza Shopping Center, and one right below Alex Visci's music studio on Broadway in downtown Lorain. There were outlets in other cities as well.

Here is a link to the current website.

So stop in at the Faroh's store at 657 Broadway for a taste of old time Lorain.

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