Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Salad Days of Pizza Hut Pete

Here are a few ads featuring Pizza Hut Pete from the early days of Pizza Hut in Lorain County. The large square ad is from 1969 and the vertical ad is from 1973.
   Note how in the 1969 ad, Pizza Hut Pete figures prominently on the building itself, with large cutouts of him on the building's roof and sides. Now he's just the answer to a trivia question.
   I remember going to the Oberlin Avenue location a lot in high school, with the occasional trip "all the way out to Sheffield Lake" for something different and exotic (perhaps to impress an easily-impressed date?)
   Now, for ten years, I've been living a mile from the Sheffield Lake restaurant and really don't think of it too much when I'm in the mood for pizza (although I used to love the priazzo).
   Maybe if they hadn't gotten rid of Pizza Hut Pete...

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