Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet Pizza Hut Pete

Remember this guy? This is Pizza Hut Pete. He used to be the advertising mascot for Pizza Hut back in the 1960s and 70s.

It's interesting that Pizza Hut fashioned their mascot to fit in with all the other mustachioed chefs that were out there promoting local pizzerias. Although I kinda like Pizza Hut Pete, I never really cared for Pizza Hut pizza too much.

To find out more about Pizza Hut Pete, here's a link to a blogger who has discovered a bunch of old Pizza Hut Pete items, including placemats, hand puppets and signage.

Pizza Hut first showed up in the Lorain phone books back in 1969, with restaurants in Lorain and in Sheffield Lake. Now, forty years later, the original Oberlin Avenue location in Lorain is long gone, as well as the replacement delivery-only store in the old Lawson's store further north on Oberlin Avenue. The Sheffield Lake location is still hanging in there, but I'm pretty sure it is a delivery-only store.

Pizza Hut Pete himself is long gone as well. He didn't stand a chance against Yala's, Rosie's, Stella's, etc.

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