Monday, April 24, 2017

The Winds of Change Are Blowing on West Erie Avenue

Vintage postcard of the Beachcomber Motel, later known as Erieview Motel
A lot of changes have taken place recently on a short stretch of West Erie Avenue just west of Leavitt Road.

First of all, the long-awaited demolition of the Erieview Motel (originally the Beachcomber) happened a few days ago.

(The Morning Journal’s coverage of the demolition included a link to my blog, as well as some quotes of mine from back in 2015 in which I criticized the city for how quickly it dubbed the West Erie Avenue motels nuisances that needed to be demolished. I groaned when I read my opinions in the article, as it reminded me of how I was beat up because of them on the blog back then.)
Just a little bit to the east of the steaming pile of motel rubble is the former Castle Restaurant. Since 2014, it had been doing business as Castillo Mexicano. Along with a recent change in management, the restaurant now has a new name: Papasitos & Beer Mexican Grill. I wish the new restaurant team well.

Lastly, a little bit further to the east, the Morning Journal has moved into the building that was home to various restaurants, as well as the former McDonald’s
I first noticed the Morning Journal sign there a week ago and did a double-take. 
Anyway, I wish the Morning Journal good luck in its new home.


Mike Kozlowski said...


Is the old Journal building still there on Broadway, or is it gone too?


Dan Brady said...

Hi Mike,
It’s still there and looks like it’s still for sale for a cool $900,000.

Thomas Pihlblad said...

Why did the Journal move?

Dan Brady said...

I guess it's because the paper hasn't been printed in Lorain for years, and there isn't much of a staff in Lorain any more. It was probably long overdue.

kathy said...

Is there somewhere I can read the full article on The Carl D Bradley that was in the Headlines?

Dan Brady said...

Hi Kathy,

If you email me directly at I will reply and send you the biggest image I have for that front page article that ran as part of the series on Jim Lyons. As you can see that particular front page was of poor quality but hopefully a larger version will be readable for you.