Monday, June 13, 2016

Old Lorain County Courthouse Then & Now

The old Lorain County Courthouse was in the news last week (here), with designs for its planned renovations finally revealed to Elyria’s Planning Commission. So it’s a good time to post this vintage postcard of the historic old courthouse, which was built in 1881 and designed by Elijah Myers.

There’s no postmark to provide the date, but I think that’s a mid-1950s Buick parked at the first meter.

I got home from work early last Thursday, so I headed over to Elyria to grab my now shot. Ely Park was full of people relaxing in the sun as I crossed the square towards the courthouse.

I couldn’t quite recreate the shot exactly, although I suspect the vintage postcard was also a late afternoon shot.

To see some really great vintage photographs and postcards of the Lorain County Court House (such as  the 1909 postcard below in which the structure has its original dome), follow this link to courthouse


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I'm so glad to hear they're renovating the Courthouse; down here, there's so many beautiful courthouses that have been preserved, 4-X, the Hill County Courthouse about a block from the Hillsboro Public Library where I am as I type this.

The Courthouse here suffered a devastating fire in the '90's, and Willie Nelson (who's from near here)raised funds to restore it.


Buildings like these need to be preserved....who wants to look at something that looks like a giant ice-cube tray standing on end?

Dan Brady said...

Well said, Alan!