Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oberlin Inn Comes Down Part 3

Vintage postcard
When it was announced that the Oberlin Inn was going to be torn down, I made a few trips out to Oberlin to get some “now” shots (below) in 2014 and 2015 to compare with the vintage postcards. The hotel portion of the complex went first.

October 2014
August 2015
About a week ago, when I learned that that the last remaining portion of the Inn was being demolished, I headed out to Oberlin on a Sunday afternoon and grabbed the shot below.
I also swung around to the back of the property to see what shape the 1969 addition was in. Much of it was gone, and it was only a sad shadow of how it looked on the vintage postcard.
The addition in the process of being demolished
Vintage postcard for comparison
I’ll have to grab a photo of The Hotel at Oberlin at a later date for a “then and now” comparison with the original Oberlin Inn.

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