Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ely Park Soldiers Monument – Then & Now

My trip to Elyria to photograph the old courthouse also included getting a current photo of the Soldiers Monument to accompany this 1905 postcard (above).

The monument was dedicated on June 26, 1888.

Here's another vintage postcard view, postmarked 1907 (below).

Like the courthouse, it’s a tough thing to photograph as it’s on the south side of the street. It looks north and never really faces the sun during the day, being forever cloaked in shadow. The best I could do is hope the late afternoon sun might send some rays its way.

It did, and I got my shot (below).

Like the courthouse, the monument is somewhat obscured by trees and shrubs (although that won’t be a problem for the courthouse when the renovations are done).
To find out more about the history of the Soldiers Monument, follow this link to the Steen Cannons website, and this one to the Great Elyria Time Machine.

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