Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Modern Bungalow – Then & Now

I found the above Open House ad recently while scrolling through microfilm at the library. The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on July 16, 1938.

The Modern Bungalow, located on the East Side of Lorain on Concord Drive, was built by Wilbur Huffman, and offered for sale by the A. H. Babcock Company.

I wondered what the house looked like today – 78 years later.

But there was no numerical address provided in the ad, just directions as to how to get there: “Drive Out East Erie Ave. to Euclid Avenue.”

And that’s what I did – via Bing Maps, of course. But I had to “drive” up and down Concord Drive for quite a while, because I just couldn’t find it. The problem was that the house’s unique roof line was perfectly obscured by a tree.

And here’s the “now" view of the still-handsome house at 405 Concord Drive.
Courtesy Lorain County Auditor

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