Monday, February 1, 2016

Demolition of Original Brookside High School Begins

In case you missed it, the demolition of the former Sheffield Middle School/original Brookside High School began late last week. I drove over there on Saturday morning to grab a few photos of the beginning phase.

The building had been a favorite topic on this blog, including then-and-now treatments here and here, and most recently, a post about its vintage boot scrapers here.

Although I attended Lorain City Schools, it’s hard for me not to feel a little sad seeing the building get reduced to rubble. However, to the Sheffield - Sheffield Lake City Schools’ credit, the building was utilized for more than ninety years. It had served the community well, first as a K-12 school, then for many years as the high school and finally, as a middle school.

But just like the old one-room school houses that eventually gave way to modern structures, the building had outlived its usefulness – and it was time for it to go. At least the sight of the beautiful new school campus nearby will help to take some of the sting out of losing something that had been part of the landscape for so many decades.

Looks like there’ll be plenty of souvenir bricks to go around!
Soon this view will completely vanish, providing Colorado Avenue travelers
with a clear view of Dick V. Sevits Stadium.

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