Friday, November 6, 2015

Elyria Motel Then & Now

I've had this postcard of the Elyria Motel (a scan of it, actually) for a while, and have never gotten around to using it for a 'then and now' shot.

It’s probably because I never really read the directions on the back of the postcard as to where it was located, so I never bothered to make an effort to photograph it.

However, a few weeks ago I was heading out to Rural King via Old Route 20, and looked up and realized I was staring at the motel on the vintage postcard. After a quick turnaround, and a couple of drive-bys, I had my shot.

How long has Elyria Motel been out there? It first appeared in the Elyria City Directory in the 1959 edition, making it roughly as old as me. But it looks to be in pretty good shape.

Here’s my drive-by shot.

I’m fairly impressed that a vintage Mom-and-Pop motel on the outskirts of Elyria has survived so long, looking so neat and tidy, especially when you consider that Lorain’s entire lineup of 1950s Lake Road motels are soon to be demolished.
Early 1960s Elyria Phone Book Ad


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone was not happy with the American Automobile Association, or visa versa. Bill

Anonymous said...

Dan, Todays post November 6th 2015 ...Elyria Motel- Rural King- with a link to .. Old route 20 .... Yesterday [ Nov 5th ] "A bridge to nowhere "..........Your post from last year.... November 5th 2014 ...A "Bridge to nowhere" ON Old route 20, that is half way between Rural King and The Elyria Motel. "Freaky...or what?.. this is Bill again.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Bill!
Believe it or not, it really is a coincidence. I didn’t have anything ready for today as of yesterday and remembered taking a picture of the motel a few weeks ago--and quickly put the post together! I’m glad you noticed, I’m already having a hard remembering what topics I already covered!