Tuesday, November 17, 2015

BF Goodrich 1970s Citizen Newsletters

I mentioned how the BF Goodrich General Chemical Plant in Avon Lake was a big part of our life, and that the company maintained a real family feeling. One of the ways the company did this was by regularly publishing an employee newsletter, called the Citizen.

Besides making the employees aware of what the company was up to, it also shared plenty of information about employees and their families, too.

It was neat to see ourselves featured in the newsletter when we graduated from high school, college, etc. And it was interesting to recognize other Admiral King High School classmates whose father or mother worked at BF Goodrich too. (There were at least two other BF Goodrich employees that lived on Skyline Drive in the same block as us.)

Here are a few pages from the November 1977 issue (below). Perhaps you will recognize a face or name.

And here are a few pages from the July 1978 issue (below). I saved it because my father and I are both in it.

It’s fitting that Dad was photographed with Al Gressler, one of his friends, as well as Ron Coleman, his foreman. They were just two of his many co-workers whose names became familiar to our family over the years, such as Jimmy Little and Paul Paghi.
And here’s a page featuring some of the summer employees, including me. (I’m not sure why I had such a glazed look on my face; it was probably apprehension.)


Rick Kurish said...

Back in the 60s and 70s many companies had more of a "family" atmosphere. When I started at Lorain Products in the 60s it was the same way. They also published a similar company newsletter --- I wish I had kept all of them over the years.

By the way, on the "Summer Employees" page in your blog I immediately recognized my long time Optometrist, Dr. Sterna. I may print a copy of the photo to take to my next appointment --- LOL.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Rick! I'm glad you recognized your optometrist! Hopefully others will see someone they know on this post!

Mike Biskupich said...

Dan, A friend of mine at Lubrizol mentioned your blog to me this morning. I couldn't resist the chance to drive down memory lane .
It put a big smile on my face to see my Dad in his "element" featured in the citizen newsletter for his golf team "Toms bombs". Even more interesting, was the photo of John Vogan cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for "the turn". I was 12 years old that summer and was there all day lending a helping hand to John at the Sweetbriar golf outing. It was one of those really special days I spent with my father and his "work family" that I will never forget. Thanks for the pictures and the wonderful memories, it really made my day! Mike Biskupich

Dan Brady said...

Hi Mike! Thanks so much for leaving your great comment – I'm so happy you found this post. Your father's name was certainly one that came up in Dad's conversations, and I met him too. There were so many nice people working at BFG, and I was fortunate to be able to meet so many of Dad's co-workers and friends when I worked there those summers. Thanks again!

Lori Bursley Sabo said...

Dan, It looks like my brother, Jim Bursley who is pictured in the July 1977 newsletter, worked with you at BF Goodrich during the summer. My Dad, Jim Bursley, is mentioned in the newsletter as well as having a team in the golf outing, Bursley's Blue Ribbons. I remember him putting the golf tournament on and being in other company events as well. So fun to see, thanks for posting!