Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Airport Tavern Grand Opening Ad – November 19, 1946

I’ve mentioned the Airport Tavern many times on this blog, as the building (which is currently home to Mutt & Jeff’s) continues to fascinate me with its interesting history as a notorious nightclub.

In the early 1930s it was the 400 Bridge Club, complete with drinking, dancing girls and gambling; by 1935, it was the Country Gardens; a few years later it was Penny Morgan’s Place, a well-known brothel.

Finally, by the early 1940s, it was called the Airport Tavern, named for the Port Mills Airport on Meister Road just a few minutes away.

Well, here’s another piece of the historic puzzle. It’s an ad for a Grand Opening of the Airport Tavern that appeared in the November 19, 1946 Lorain Journal – 69 years ago this month.

The night club’s bar and dance area had just been remodeled and a modern kitchen added.

What’s interesting is that the name of the manager (Bruno Dombroski) and proprietor (Alex Hormanski) are listed in the ad. Thus, a few more details in the history of the place are filled in.

Today, the building’s location on Oberlin Avenue – nestled near modern banks, a fast food outlet and retail stores – continues to belie its colorful past.

August 2015 photo


Kathaleeny said...

My sister and I and cousins spent many a night sleeping under the pool table on a pile of coats when we were little. Love seeing this ad.

Mike Kozlowski said...

Dan -

If I'm understanding you right, there were TWO airports on that side of town, Long Airport on Leavitt and Meister, and then Port Mills?


Dan Brady said...

Hi Mike,
Yup, the first one was Port Mills on the east side of Leavitt. I posted a great vintage aerial photo of it way back on October 4, 2012.

Long’s (Lorain Airport) on the west side of Leavitt followed later. One of these days I’ll organize my airport stuff and write it up for the blog.