Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sun Fun Swim Club Ad – June 9, 1960

The early 1960s was the time that several local swim clubs opened up.

I already posted the grand opening ad for Club Carousel out in Sheffield Lake here. Well above is the ad for the one that was out in Vermilion: the Sun-Fun Swim Club. The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on June 9, 1960 and promoted a July 23 opening date.

The $100,000 facility was built by Kenneth R. Evenson, who was also the developer of the South Shore Shopping Center. The private pool and cabana was located off E. River Road, adjacent to the shopping center, and overlooked the lagoons of the Vermilion River.

Membership was limited to 300 families on a first come, first served basis.

The Sun-Fun Swim Club eventually was purchased by the Vermilion branch of the YMCA in early January 1968. Today the Vermilion Family YMCA is located on Aldrich Road.

Does anyone know if the former Sun-Fun Swim Club building is still there? The pool and cabana seem to have disappeared without a trace.

If you know, please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,-82.3516477,137m/data=!3m1!1e3

I hope this works.. Notice the backwards Z shape in white, with a couple of boats by it. That is the outline of the pool. The small building with the black roof was the entrance to the pool. The large white roof was the Y's Gym. Its a boat repair shop now. Bill N

Dan Brady said...

Hi Bill!
Thanks so much for answering my question so quickly. The Google link worked perfectly. It's hilarious how obvious it is from the aerial photos, once once you realize that the pool was filled in.

Wireless.Phil said...

I remember as a kid walking up there and paying for the day to go swiming, when mom had the money.
I don't know why I liked it so much, my dad had a boat and during good weather we were always on it on in Lake Erie, maybe my dada's work schedule?

I remember Lynette Wyvel, the lady who ran the place, it eas her daughter, she was killed in a boating accident right out here, the driver hit the rocky pier, she fell off and he put the boat in reverse, hitting her either with the prop or pinning her underwater.
Sad, I had a kids crush on her back then too.