Monday, November 11, 2013

Alex Visci Quartet at Three Sisters Restaurant – Nov. 1963

1970s promotional cartoon
of the Alex Visci Quartet
by Bob Lynch
I've written a few times about Alex Visci – the talented musician and popular local bandleader who gave trumpet lessons to so many local kids (including my brothers and me) and made it fun and memorable.

Well, here he is in an ad that ran on November 1, 1963 in the Lorain Journal announcing an appearance at Three Sisters restaurant on Broadway in Lorain.

I almost didn't recognize Mr. Visci in the photo, because his hair is combed way back off his forehead! But he still had his trademark mustache.

I had never heard of Three Sisters restaurant either, and had to consult the city directories to see exactly where it was. Its address was 1942 Broadway, putting it right next to the former location of the main branch of First Federal Savings and Loan.

Tedder's Steakhouse
steak markers
(courtesy Paula Shorf)
What was in that building before Three Sisters?

Well, the brick building at 1942 Broadway has an "1894" inscription at the top so it's been around a while.

Although the address was 'vacant' in the 1912 book, the 1915-1916 book listed the address as the home of People's Cash Market. By the 1919-20 book, the Jacoby Brothers Grocery Company was the tenant.

By 1937, Thomas Grill was listed at the 1942 address – and would continue until about the late-1950s when Tedder's Steakhouse moved in. Three Sisters Steak House took over the address sometime in the early 1960s.

Perhaps some helpful reader (Alan?) can help me with what businesses were in there after that.

Thanks, Rae for your help – your comment jogged my memory a little (I banked at the First Federal Savings branch next door too) and prompted me to hit the books again.

Three Sisters remained in the city directories listed at that address until the 1970 edition, when the address went vacant. It would be a few years until the Ted Cap Inn showed up, beginning in the 1975 book.

The Ted Cap Inn continued to be listed at that address until around 1986 or 87. After that, the address was vacant again and not even listed in the early 1990s books.

There may have been some businesses after that.


Anonymous said...

wasnt that Ted Capp Inn or "Cappies"? I only know as we banked at 1st Fed all my life.


Paula said...

Hi Dan,
According to the Lorain City Directories:
In 1912 the building at 1942 Broadway was vacant. In 1926-1927, it was occupied by Louis J. Henninger Billiards. The directories for 1940,1950 & 1953 all show that Thomas Grille (owned by Joseph M Thomas)was there. I have an old postcard showing the building when it was next door and south of the Krohn & Holley Men's Clothing Store.It looks like there was a Drug Store sign on the building at that time. Unfortunately, I don't know what year that was...

Paula said...

In 2000, a club called Millenium 2000 was there...

Dan Brady said...

HI Paula,
Thanks for filling in some holes in my research!

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I know it was the Tedcap until 1990 or so.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks, Alan!

Paula said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for helping me find the actual site of the Krohn-Holley Men's Store. It wasn't next door to 1942 Broadway as I thought, but further north and part of the building Scott's dimestore occupied!