Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Airport Tavern - 1957

Here's an ad that ran in the Lorain Journal on November 27, 1957, suggesting celebrating Thanksgiving at the Airport Tavern instead of cooking at home. (I don't know if Mutt & Jeff's – current occupant of the Tavern's former digs – offers that same option tomorrow. I'll have to ask our favorite server Brenda.)

I've never really eaten out on Thanksgiving, although the day may come someday. The closest I ever came was one Thanksgiving when I was single. I bought a rotisserie chicken at a Convenient Food Mart (the folks were out of town).

Today, rotisserie chickens (from Apples on Lake Road) are one of the spouse's and my favorite meals when we don't feel like cooking. For a truly Canadian meal (the spouse is a Canuck you know), we mix up some Swiss Chalet sauce to dip the chicken in.


Anonymous said...

There used to be Swiss Chalet restaurants in western New York - in fact there was one right on Main Street in Buffalo that I went to many times. I never knew they were Canadian in origin, however, and I am very surprised to find they are still operating.

Dan Brady said...

The first time I ate at a Swiss Chalet (in Toronto in 1990s) I thought it was going to be some kind of Swiss cuisine! Boy was I wrong--but the chicken is terrific. We try to eat there at least once every time we go to Canada, and we also buy the sauce powder packets at the Metro grocery store in Niagara to mix up the sauce at home!