Monday, November 19, 2012

"Reddy" for Thanksgiving?

Here's an ad featuring our old pal Reddy Kilowatt riding shotgun on an electric range. The ad, which appeared in the Lorain Sunday News around Thanksgiving 1945, suggests making an electric range part of your "post-war kitchen plans," since they weren't quite available yet.

And as long as I'm featuring Reddy on this post, in the interest of equal time I might as well include our other utility company mascot buddy: the nameless little gas flame guy who appeared in all those Ohio Fuel Gas Company ads (featured on this blog here and here).

In this Thanksgiving-themed ad (below) that appeared in the November 5, 1950 Lorain Sunday News, he's peddling those newfangled gas refrigerators.

I'm still not crazy about the idea of having to light the pilot light of a refrigerator – or wondering if it might explode.

I guess the first Thanksgiving wasn't as harmonious as we thought, seeing that arrow through the Pilgrim's hat!

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